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ECU Tuning Files from ECUMAP.COM

» Individually Developed Maps
» Custom STAGE 1 / STAGE 2 / STAGE 3 Tune
» High Quality Services
» Agri & Truck & Boat Tuning Files
» Motorcycle / Motorbike Tuning Files
» Low Prices
» Processing Time Around 5min - 30min
» Real-time Fast support
» Dyno Tested Files
» Many Solutions
» Special ECU tuning Requests
» Free Independent Advice 
» Damos / Map Packs
» Most Files Are Road Tested
» Special requests and requirements are welcome
» Manual Solutions 
» Secure Payments
» PayPal Payments
» Visa Master Card Payments
» Instant Invoices
» Big Winols Database
» Dragy GPS Tested Results

» Adblue / SCR OFF
» Intake / Swirl flaps OFF
» Lambda / O2 / Decat / NOx OFF
» Speed Limiter / VMAX off
» Throttle body / Shut off valve OFF
» Pop And Bangs / Crackles / Overrun
» Popcorn / Hard Cut limiter Diesel
» Sport display BMW/MINI
» Rev Limiter
» Rail pressure sensor calibration
» MAP boost sensor calibration
» Hard cut limiter
» Hot start / Cold start Fix
» Mass airflow sensor OFF MAF
» Launch control
» Start STOP OFF
» Torque monitoring OFF
» Immo OFF
» E85 Flexfuel
» Cold Start Sound OFF
» Octane adaptation
» Cylinder on demand OFF
» Readiness Calibration
» Secondary Air Injection OFF
» Exhaust Flap In The Muffler OFF
» DSG Farts
» Gearbox Tune

» Chip tuning Files
» Chiptuning File Service
» Car Tuning Files
» Dyno Chiptuning Files
» Dyno ECU Files
» ECU Files
» ECU Tuning Files

» ECU Remapping Files
» ECU Remap Files
» ECU Chiptuning Files
» ECU Remapped Files
» Remap File Service
» Remapping File Service
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» Performance Files
» Online File Service
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» Online Chiptuning
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» Tuning Files
» Tuningfiles
» Top Quality Files
» Tuning File Database

Learn more about ECUMAP

ECUMAP.COM is a file service of ECU tuning files with the best results and solutions in the market. Our Chiptuning files are optimized on the road and later tested on dyno to get the maximum results you are looking for. We provide improved power, torque and fuel consumption for all petrol and diesel engines.

Ecumap chiptuning M3 STAGE2

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